September 06, 2011

confetti system

i thought since it is so dreary outside today (for those of us on the east coast), that i would post some bright & happy images of the fabulous company confetti system. what they can do with fabric & paper, i will never understand. it is the definition of whimsical!

September 02, 2011

obsession with gold metallic.

image: BHLDN

seriously?!  incredible! i think these shoes would take me on fabulous adventures...

happiest room ever!

image: west elm

i must get this for my house!

 image: west elm

and this fabulous pillow!

August 31, 2011

simply stated...

 image: brooke granger obsessed! 

i have a slight obsession with laurel denise necklaces. they are the perfect thing to customize for a special occasion {and make perfect family or bridesmaid gifts!! - i got my sister and my mama the "joy" necklace below from the simply stated collection, and customized the 7.9.11 for me, above!} thank you lolly for constantly creating such beautiful goodness!

  image: laurel denise.

August 30, 2011

wedding planning...where do you start!

inspiration board by brooke.

so after solidifying your main details (where the wedding will be, the date, venue, caterer, etc.)...the next step is to gather inspiration. this will initiate a theme, which will then help when you pick out your rentals, linens, flowers...

do not be afraid of your theme changing. we ended up having an indoor wedding, and alot of my initial images were for an outdoor tent wedding. it was so much fun to look back at the journey the wedding planning took from all the binders and boards i made!

a pic (via my phone so its not super clear!) of the inspiration board i made for my room! 

August 29, 2011

where it all started...

i was trying to figure out where to start. 
i have been MIA for so long and so much has happened, 
so i think i will just start where i really left off. the engagment. 

so last may (2010) my boyfriend of 7 years (i'm serious!) proposed 
overlooking the manhattan skyline...(where we met).
there was a picnic (with prosecco & red velvet cupcakes of course!), 
and then there was a 2nd surprise...
both of our immediate families traveled to ny to be there after the engagement to celebrate! 
so we had an impromptu engagement party in nyc! quite an adventure.

and after planning overtook my life...
it started with this picture that i spotted on a wedding blog...
(at this time i cannot remember WHICH blog i saw this on, 
so i apologize for not crediting the appropriate photographer, etc...)

this image set the tone for me. the color scheme...
the obsession with blue mason jars...
the planning began...

August 28, 2011

i'm back!

image: my wedding day - 7-9-11! photo taken by shelby leigh photography.
photo copyright: shelby leigh photography 2011.

did ya miss me? ;)

well what a whirl wind. i cannot believe a year and two months of planning is over. i can't believe i'm married! it was seriously the most incredible day of my entire life. i do not have words to describe it is so hard to put that day, and the moments leading up to it, into words. i feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of love we received and felt that day, that weekend, or for that matter...that we always receive from the inspiring, loving, generous and FUN family & friends that we are lucky to know! for that craig (my husband) & i are very grateful.

i am also overwhelmed with where to start back up with the blog here and my shop. there are lots of changes coming. i am just taking one step at a time, so bear with me as i get back into the swing of things. my mind was completely focused on moving (NYC to MD), buying a house, planning a wedding...for the last 6 months. now that we are finally settled into our house, (we have moved to maryland officially!), and we are MARRIED...i can finally get back to business.

so for now just sayin hi! and ill be back tomorrow with a new post!