August 30, 2011

wedding planning...where do you start!

inspiration board by brooke.

so after solidifying your main details (where the wedding will be, the date, venue, caterer, etc.)...the next step is to gather inspiration. this will initiate a theme, which will then help when you pick out your rentals, linens, flowers...

do not be afraid of your theme changing. we ended up having an indoor wedding, and alot of my initial images were for an outdoor tent wedding. it was so much fun to look back at the journey the wedding planning took from all the binders and boards i made!

a pic (via my phone so its not super clear!) of the inspiration board i made for my room! 

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  1. Love the inspiration boards -- great idea! Recently engaged (Nov. 19!) and this will be a great place for my fiance and I to get started. Also, LOVE the blue mason jars you mentioned!!